Indonesian Citizenship

Indonesian citizenship


The law number 12 year 2006 stipulates that a foreigner can obtain an Indonesian citizenship after fulfilling particular terms and conditions as specified by the law. The Indonesian citizenship law states that an Indonesian citizenship can be acquired by a naturalization proceedings, which means procedures or stages that can be taken in order to obtain The Indonesian citizenship through an application made by the foreigner that would like to obtain the Indonesian citizenship.


The naturalization for obtaining an Indonesian citizenship can be performed by the foreigner, if the applicant has comply with specific terms and guidelines as specified by The Indonesian Citizenship law, such as minimum stay period prior applying for an Indonesian citizenship & related issues regarding the applicant previous stay sponsorship.



  1. The applicant must be aged 18 years old or already hold a marital relationship;
  2. When the application is submitted, the applicant has previously residing in an Indonesian territory for 5 (Five) consecutive years or 10 (ten) years in-consecutively;
  3. physically and mentally healthy;
  4. Fluent in Indonesian language and acknowledge "The Pancasila" and The 1945 Indonesian Constitutional law;
  5. Never involved in criminal activities or sentenced to imprisonment;
  6. May not hold dual citizenship;
  7. Possessing an definite occupations;
  8. Paying The Naturalization fee to the treasury Department.



  1. The applicant is required to be at the aged of 18 years old when the application for obtaining an Indonesian citizenship is made or is in a marital relationship, would simply means that the person applying for an Indonesian citizenship is an adult person. While the marital relationship to an Indonesian citizen would brings an additional value within this procedure.
  2. Applying an Indonesian citizenship would require the applicant to reside within Indonesian territory for 5 years consecutively or 10 years in-consecutively, this statement should be evidenced by The Indonesian Visa's or stay permit which previously being used by the applicant during his or her stay in Indonesia. Furthermore, the sponsorship for the said stay permit is preferably the same type sponsorship continuously.
  3. The applicant must have good health both physically and mentally;
  4. The applicant must fluent in Indonesian language either written or orally. This is an essential requirement, since the applicant will be taken oath and pledge of allegiance to the state.
  5. The applicant for an Indonesian citizenship must have no criminal records;
  6. The Applicant is willing to relinquish his or her current nationality;
  7. The applicant for an Indonesian Citizenship is required to hold a definite occupation and precise income.

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