Indonesian Marriage Provisions

Indonesian marriage

The Indonesian marriage law stipulates that a marriage must be performed in front of the authorized marriage registrar, while the Compilation of Islamic Law states : "A valid marriage, is to be conducted in accordance with The Islamic Law & The Indonesian Marriage Law" .


In order to ensure your rights within a marriage, including the rights to obtain an inheritance and your civil rights to process necessary civil documentations for your beloved children's such as birth certificate, passport, driving license, etc it is necessary to register the marriage properly, so that the marriage would have a legal recognition by the law and by the state in particular.


All marriages performed in Indonesia would certainly have an ultimate Indonesian marriage provisions throughout the whole aspects of the marriage. The Registration for marriage in Indonesia is an administrative proceedings of validating & certifying certain civil documentations that the party's currently have.


Indonesian Marriage law is adopting the principle of "Lex loci celebrationis" which means that any marriage performed by an Indonesian citizen will be considered as valid and legally recognized, regardless of where the marriage is conducted, for as long as the marriage was held in accordance with the law and related governing provisions within the area of where the marriage took place & that the Indonesian party does not infringe the law.

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