INDONESIAN CALLING VISA; foreigner of conflicting nations or county with no diplomatic relations

Indonesian calling visa

INDONESIAN VISA: General Understanding

The Indonesian visa is a particular document given by The Indonesian Immigration authority to the visa applicant, in order to approve the applicant to enter into Indonesian territory, within certain period of time. An Indonesian visa is a written license granted by the official authorities to the nominated Indonesian representatives or as deemed by The Indonesian government.


The Indonesian Visa is issued in a form of a sticker attached to the applicant passport. The Indonesian visa must be used within the maximum of 90 days since it was issued, if the period is exceeded, the visa applicant may need to re-apply the application for obtaining the visa.


An Indonesian visa can be divided onto the following classifications:

  1. The Indonesian temporary visit visa for family visitation;
  2. The Indonesian temporary visit visa for traveling to Indonesia or visiting a friends or colleagues in Indonesia;
  3. The Indonesian temporary visit visa for business purpose;
  4. The particular Indonesian visa, which generally used for work, study, job training or residing within certain period of time;
  5. The Indonesian transit visa for traverse The Indonesian territory.



The Indonesian calling visa, is a typical visa applied by the applicant through the nominated Indonesian representatives abroad. The Indonesian calling visa is a particular visa given to an applicant that came from a conflicting nations or an applicant that comes from a country which does not have diplomatic relations with The Indonesian government. This type of visa must be applied abroad and it should not applied through the local Immigration office in Indonesia.



The Indonesian calling can be applied through the following method:

  1. Submitting an application to the nearest Indonesian embassy abroad;
  2. Further examination by the officers at The Indonesian embassy;
  3. The visa application will be forwarded to The Indonesian Immigration Directorate General in Indonesia and to be further verified by The Indonesian Security Department;
  4. If the visa application is granted by The Indonesian Security Department and The Indonesian Immigration Directorate General, the visa application will be re-forwarded to The Nominated Indonesian embassy where the applicant is submitting the visa application;


The approval for the application of an Indonesian Calling Visa may take some time, which strictly depends on the acceptance made by The Indonesian Security Department and The Indonesian Immigration Directorate General.

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